The Enforcement Angle: New Generation of Nuclear – Advanced Reactors

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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC or the Agency) licenses and regulates the civilian and commercial use of nuclear power and radioactive materials, including traditional and advanced reactors. Advanced reactor technologies are poised to provide a lower-cost option for carbon-free electricity and can power a broad range of applications, including existing power grids, small energy grids (remote areas without connectivity to transmission infrastructure), small electrical markets, and industrial facilities.

In this episode, Sidley senior managing associate Nicole Noëlliste speaks with Robert Taylor, the Deputy Office Director for New Reactors in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation at the NRC. Mr. Taylor takes listeners behind the scenes and discusses the Agency’s strides in the licensing of advanced reactors. He demystifies the world of advanced reactors by discussing key differences between traditional and advanced reactors, the NRC’s existing and anticipated (Part 53) licensing framework for advanced reactor technologies, the status of the NRC’s licensing of applications for advanced reactor designs, and best practices for engaging with the Agency.

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